TimePlan’s Accommodation Factsheet is part of our overseas teachers induction pack. Click on the button at the bottom of the page to open the factsheet. It contains information about renting, flat shares, utilities, rental deposits and links to other useful websites.

Also, join our TimePlan Teachers Accommodation Facebook group to perhaps meet new housemates, find a property to suit you, or maybe you’ve got a spare room?

Will TimePlan help my son/daughter find somewhere to live?

All of our UK offices support our overseas teachers in finding somewhere to live when they arrive.

The cost of accommodation in the UK depends on the area your son/daughter wants to live. They will need to budget between £400 and £600 per month to cover all accommodation costs.

Central London rents can be prohibitively expensive while living outside the centre of London varies depending on the area. Many of our teachers live within the Greater London area and have enough money to cover all expenses with money left over for travel. Areas outside Greater London are cheaper and the UK has an excellent infrastructure of rail, tube and bus links making any part of the country accessible.

There are many options in regards to the type of accommodation you are looking for. Most places come furnished and some accommodations include electricity and gas. All residents in the UK are required to pay a monthly Council Tax, which covers things like garbage pick up and maintenance; similar to condo fees.

A self contained flat is probably the most expensive option, whereas renting a bedroom in a shared house with other teachers is likely to be cheaper. Some TimePlan offices sub-let properties to TimePlan Teachers, while others have specific landlords or letting agents they use.