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One of the toughest challenges for American teachers is getting the right to work in the UK. In order to enter the UK and teach, it is not enough to simply have a passport from your own country. You need a visa to let you live and work in the UK for a pre-arranged length of time. You will also require a University / College recognized teaching qualification and Current State Certification.

Due to recent immigration changes it has become increasingly more difficult for Americans to qualify for a working visa. The following information should help.

EEA/British Passport:

If you have a British or EEA passport you are eligible to work in the UK without a work visa. If you have a parent that was born in the UK or another EEA Country you may be eligible for a passport from that country. Alternatively, if you are married to a British or EEA passport holder you may be eligible for a spousal visa.

The UK Border agency introduced a major overhaul of the UK immigration system in November 2008 and April 2010; American teachers are either eligible for Tier 1 or Tier 2 visas.

Tier 1 Highly Skilled Workers

A Tier 1 Visa allows highly skilled people to come to the UK to look for work or self-employment opportunities. Points for this visa are given for qualifications, previous earnings, previous UK experience, age, language skills and proof of savings. Please review the UK Border Agency’s website for more details and complete the free self assessment point’s calculator at Please keep in mind that there are many requirements for this visa so please ensure you check the point’s calculator carefully in order to see if you qualify for this visa type. Additional information on a Tier 1 Visa can be found here.

Tier 2 Sponsored Skilled Workers

A Tier 2 Visa offers routes into the UK for skilled workers who have a job offer from a UK-based employer. The employer must be a registered sponsor, recognised by the UK Border Agency. In addition to meeting the point’s criteria for this tier, workers will need to present a certificate of sponsorship from their employer. If you do qualify for a Tier 2 Visa your information will be passed to a specific TimePlan division. Additional information on a Tier 2 Visa can be found here.

If you do qualify for a British or EEA Passport or meet the requirements for a Tier 1 or 2 Visa then we look forward to helping you. Please complete our online contact form found here.

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