Midday Supervisor Jobs

If you are looking for a job for just a few hours each day or a job that means that you can drop your children at school and pick them up at the end of the day, then working as a midday supervisor in a local primary school could be the perfect role for you.

Midday supervisors are valued members of the school community and play an important role in ensuring children feel safe, secure and happy during their lunch break. TimePlan receives midday supervisor jobs from schools across London, and we are always looking for adults from the local community to fill the positions.

Midday Supervisor Jobs

Roles and Responsibilities

Lunchtime duties with include:

  • responsibility for the supervision of children aged 4-11 throughout the midday break
  • supervision of lunch queues
  • supervision of children in the dining hall/sandwich room and reporting any inappropriate behaviour
  • supervision all areas both inside and outside where pupils play during lunchtime
  • encouraging social skills and good table manners
  • cleaning up spillages and requesting children to pick up their litter
  • encouraging children to play and encouraging the inclusion of isolated children
  • disciplining children appropriately using recognised disciplinary methods contained within school policies
  • administering appropriate first aid within the capabilities of the individual’s expertise and to call expert medical advice where necessary
  • ensuring that children are kept safe at all times in accordance with child protection guidelines
  • taking responsibility for any equipment used at lunchtimes
  • adhering to the school policies
  • carrying out reasonable instructions by duty staff and the head teacher

Qualifications Required

No formal qualifications are required, but all candidates must have excellent spoken English.

Skills, Interests and Qualities

  • experience of working with children and ability to relate well to them
  • ability to organise and supervise simple games for groups of young children
  • a patient and calm manner
  • a firm but fair approach in matters of discipline
  • a team player
  • an enthusiasm to contribute ideas to further develop the play opportunities for the children
  • knowledge of basic first aid and willingness to deal with minor accidents
  • a willingness to undertake a basic first aid training course
  • an understanding that there is a legal duty of confidentiality within this role

Midday Supervisor Jobs

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