Not everyone wants to be a teacher, teaching assistant or cover supervisor. But if you are passionate about education and want to work in a school, then there are a number of alternative roles you could consider.

Technicians have an essential role to play in schools, and will often be found in the Science, Design and Technology, IT and Art departments. So if you are looking to use your expertise, qualifications and experience in an educational setting, working as a technician could be a perfect job for you.

Trained and experienced technicians have a detailed knowledge of practical techniques and expertise in matters of technique, health & safety, efficiency and economy. They can offer direct support to practical activities, offering technical advice to both students and staff, enabling staff to deliver more varied and stimulating lessons. Inadequate levels of technician support can often be linked to underachieving departments and ineffective use of school facilities and resources.


Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities will vary by subject, but in general will cover the following:

  • preparing equipment and teaching areas for practical lessons
  • maintaining equipment
  • ensuring a safe environment by maintaining tidy working areas and ensuring that tools and equipment are stored correctly
  • ensuring that all consumable materials are stored safely
  • ensuring that equipment and storage areas are kept clean
  • inspection of all equipment and machinery before it is used in a lesson and the reporting of any defects to the Head of Department
  • preparing resources as required by teaching staff
  • providing technical support to teachers in practical lessons
  • organisation of resources, materials and equipment so that they are easily accessible by staff
  • carrying out research into new technologies, processes and techniques to support the development of the department
  • monitoring and ordering of stock and resources
  • mounting displays of students’ work and maintaining classroom display boards
  • collating and inputting student data
  • general administrative tasks such as photocopying.

Qualifications Required

All schools require that their technicians have:

  • a good standard of education including English and Maths at GCSE
  • subject specific qualifications
  • expertise and experience in the subject field
  • a current First Aid qualification or willing to be trained in First Aid
  • competence in the use of ICT

Desirable Qualifications

Food and Textiles Technician

  • Food Hygiene Certificate

Design Technology Technician

  • Award/Certificate in Computer Aided Design and Manufacture
  • Health and Safety Certificate
  • Accredited COSHH training

Science Technician

  • Health and Safety Certificate
  • Accredited COSHH training
  • Science degree

IT Technician

  • CompTIA, Cisco and Microsoft certifications
  • ICT Systems Support – PC Maintenance Level 1
  • Certificate or Diploma in ICT Systems Support Level 2
  • Certificate in ICT Systems and Principles Level 2
  • Diploma in ICT Professional Competence Level 2
  • Diploma in ICT Systems Support Level 3
  • Certificate and Diploma in ICT Systems and Principles Level 3
  • Certificate and Diploma in ICT Professional Competence Level 3

Technician Jobs

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