TimePlan Teachers

Whether you are looking for a long term teaching job in the same school, a guaranteed supply teaching job in different schools, a permanent teaching job or just the odd days teaching here and there, TimePlan can find the right teaching position for you.

Throughout the academic year we always have a variety of teaching jobs in England and Scotland covering nursery, primary, secondary and special needs. All our offices are staffed by fellow teachers who pride themselves in matching precisely your teaching specialisms and preferences to vacancies in schools and in supporting you once you take up your posts. Put simply, we find you the right teaching post in the right school at the right time.

The teaching opportunities we offer in England and Scotland fall into the following main categories:

Long Term Teaching Jobs
Schools always need qualified teachers to cover unfilled vacancies, maternity leave or long term absences. Such posts can last anywhere between six weeks to a whole academic year. So if you want the security of a long term teaching job or simply prefer to teach in just one school then this option will suit you best.

Daily Supply Teaching
Every day TimePlan receives hundreds of requests from schools for supply teachers to cover short term absence – anything from one or two days to one or two weeks. So for those teachers who do not wish to commit to a long term teaching position, prefer to experience a variety of different schools or simply don’t want to work every day, daily supply teaching is the ideal option. Complete our quick online application form and we will be in touch to discuss Daily Supply Teaching.

Guaranteed Work
Our guaranteed work agreement offers the security of a long term teaching job with the variety of daily supply teaching. We literally guarantee you daily supply work and pay you even if we have no work for you on a particular day. In return we ask that you guarantee your availability to us. Contact your local TimePlan Office to discuss our Guaranteed Work Programme or fill in our online application form.

Permanent Teaching Jobs
TimePlan also assists schools to fill their permanent teaching vacancies. Under our permanent recruitment scheme you will be contracted directly by the school and paid directly by them on a monthly basis, enjoying full employment rights. Apply Online now to TimePlan and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

TimePlan can help you earn that bit extra by offering a number of tutoring jobs in London. Tutoring is normally offered to children on a one to one basis but can also be offered in groups. We have opportunities for tutors both after school and at weekends. If you’re looking for a teaching job in London, TimePlan has vacancies to help children with reading, writing, spelling and maths programmes to primary and secondary students. We have opportunities for tutoring extension programs as well as offering tutoring to gifted and talented students who require subject specialists. We also offer tutoring services during school time.

One to One tuition
One to one tuition is a government initiative aimed at improving the Maths and English levels of Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 students. Students are given 10 hours tuition within school hours. This tuition time is normally spread out over 10 weeks, but can also be an intensive two week block. Teachers delivering 1:1 tuition can be responsible for up to 6 students in one day. If you’re looking for a teaching job in London, we are currently looking for teachers who can commit to 10 hours tutoring, plus an additional two hours for preparation as well as feedback to the classroom teacher – this means a 12 hour commitment. It is essential that students have continuity in their tutoring, therefore teachers need to be committed for the full length of the program. Contact your local TimePlan Office to discuss Tutoring Jobs in your area.

Out of school work
In addition to teaching in schools during the day, TimePlan also has opportunities for qualified teachers to earn extra income in the evenings at various tutorial centres across England. We also have some teaching related work during school holiday periods.