Your Application

Your application to join our Team and become a TimePlan Teacher is straightforward – simply complete our on-line application form by clicking the register now button and we will contact you on the same or next working day.

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The Education Recruitment Process

Our education recruitment process includes a number of safeguarding vetting checks and since you will be working with children these include a police clearance. Click here for further details about our full vetting procedure and what we will need to complete your file.


We will, of course, need to interview you.  In addition to interviews at our UK offices we regularly hold interviews across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.  Our interviews are informative and non-competitive and are as much about you meeting us as they are about us getting to know you.  The majority of TimePlan interviews are conducted by qualified teachers who know and understand the demands of teaching.

Our Recruitment Events page has up-to-date information on when TimePlan will be conducting interviews in your area.

What Next …

Once we have confirmed what you are qualified to teach, where you would like to teach in England or Scotland, what type of teaching job you are looking for (long term, daily supply or permanent) and when you are available for work, the next step of the education recruitment process would be for us to start offering you a choice of assignments that are best suited to your preferences.

TimePlan’s Code of Conduct

Reputation has a direct and major impact on every organisation. That is why the professionalism of our school staff is so important.

All of our teachers and school support staff should be familiar with TimePlan’s Code of Conduct. Please take time to read it. It can be opened by clicking the following button.

Code of Conduct