European Teachers in the UK

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Teach in the UK

Teachers from Europe – Welcome to TimePlan!

Teach in the UK with TimePlan! We have a successful track record of placing European teachers in English and Scottish schools. As a citizen of an EEA country you can enjoy the right to work here in the UK with no visa restrictions; enjoying full working rights and the opportunity to come and go as you please. You can search and apply online for teaching jobs in the UK or register with us and a consultant will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your application.

For more information about your rights in the UK visit:

Depending on your professional experience and qualifications, you may be able to secure a teaching role in the initial instance. However, you may have to consider beginning your teaching career in the UK, as a Teaching Assistant. Most schools expect you to have experience in a UK classroom and a near-perfect level of English, consequently a short term teaching assistant position working in a school before you become a teacher is often the first step.

Worried about the results of the EU referendum?

You can find more information on our blog – What does the EU referendum mean for teachers?

What can TimePlan offer you?

With 9 offices across England we are a national company able to offer you a variety of roles and locations that will suit your lifestyle and schedule.

Take a look at our Useful Info pages. They provide additional information about Living in the UK, Teaching in the UK, Our UK offices and Frequently Asked Questions.

Qualify for UK Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

If you are a qualified teacher from an EEA country, you can apply for UK Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) which means you can teach for as long as you want in the UK without the need for further training and could earn a higher rate of pay. Just fill out the application form.

What does TimePlan need from you?

TimePlan prides itself on vetting teachers so that schools in the UK have teachers of an excellent standard. So there are a few things we require from you:

• Excellent spoken and written English
• All documentation to be translated and certified in English
• A police check from your home country
• UK Qualified Teacher Status is a great advantage


Future Events

You can join us at events across Europe and meet our European coordinators and find out more about coming to teach in the UK. We have the following events lined up:

November 16th – Södertörn University – Sweden

November 22nd – Malmö University – Sweden