Each year TimePlan recruits the very best education graduates from around the globe to work in schools across the United Kingdom. Many of our South African teachers find permanent teaching positions in the UK and TimePlan wants to share the stories from those South African teachers that have worked or are currently working through TimePlan, with you.

Over the years we have had a high success rate with South African teachers and are continually on the look out for more teachers to join us in the UK in English and Scottish schools. Have a read through our alumni and discover what teachers in the same position as you have to say! Perhaps they are recent graduates from your university!

Mark Cloete Mark Cloete: University of Pretoria

All consultants have been very polite, always treated me with respect and most importantly have a professional approach. For this I give the company all the credit and they are certainly the best recruitment agency I have ever worked with […]

sarah wilsonSarah Wilson : NWU Potchefstroom
TimePlan has given me great advice and motivation. Their friendly replies to emails were very forthcoming and kept me going […]


Stephanie :NWU Potchefstroom
The personnel of TimePlan is fantastic, I was always able to receive advice in all aspects I needed help with concerning the move to the UK […]

amy evans

Amy Evans : University of Pretoria
They have been very supportive, I’ve received lots of emails and anything I’ve needed they’ve been there every step of the way and it’s been great! […]

Watch Amy’s video testimonial here too!

Natasha Barnett
Natasha Barnett : University of South Africa
The service and quick positive feedback made it easy and enjoyable to work with them […]

samantha Geach

Samantha Geach : Stellenbosch University

TimePlan has been the most reliable recruiting agency that I have come across. Their agents are both professional and friendly and made me feel welcome from the get go. I have enjoyed being in contact with them and they have constantly kept me up-to-date […]

samantha ordendall

Samantha Odendaal: University of Pretoria
A friend recommended TimePlan, as he had used them and was very pleased with the service[…]


stacey marcus

Stacey Marcus:The Cape Peninusala University of Technology

I think the best advice would be to not take things too seriously, it’s going to take time to adapt. To also take every experience as a lesson in life will help you get through the negative experiences. It’ll only make you stronger in the end […]

Natasha Russell: University of South Africa

It was different to work with a T.A as I didn’t have one in South Africa so I had to adjust to asking for help with certain tasks. I found the curriculum different as well as the differentiated teaching (in South Africa I didn’t teach in sets or have different activities for different groups during one lesson) […]