TimePlan International Student Teacher Programme

The TimePlan International Student Teacher Programme

TimePlan International Student Teacher Programme

The TimePlan International Student Teacher Programme (TIST) is an opportunity for overseas teachers to complete their university teaching practicums in London schools. This year, we reestablished our programme and brought 13 Canadian students from Laurentian University to teach in 3 East London school and we’re looking to extend this opportunity to different overseas universities over the next few years. If a number of students from your university are interested in completing their practicums in the UK, please contact your national office.

The Alternative Practicum is a professional development opportunity that immerses students in a different culture, where students can see how cultural factors influence educational policies and practices. This enables students to gain invaluable cultural experience, meet diverse student populations, and contribute to the global society.

The TIST programme includes:

  • A diverse educational experience that meets all the ‘Standards of Practice’ outlined by the Ontario College of Teachers
  • The opportunity to undertake a two week Alternative Practicum within a primary (elementary)school setting in the London Borough of Newham, exceeding the required 40 hours of the Pre-Practicum Placement
  • The chance for teacher candidates to teach and observe teaching and learning in a culturally diverse London school
  • Teacher candidate preparation and support prior to arrival in the UK through a series of UK education themed webinars and university meetings
  • UK based cultural events and Certified Professional Development (CPD)

Here’s what the teachers from Laurentian University had to say about their experience: Laurentian University Thank You Letter

How will teacher candidates benefit from an Alternative Practicum in the UK?

The experience gained from undertaking an Alternative Practicum overseas will enhance students’ independence, flexibility, communication. The TimePlan International Student Teacher Programme will contribute to their personal and academic development. Students who have successfully overcome the challenges of participating in an international work placement will stand out from the crowd on paper and at interview.

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Students will have the opportunity to explore and adapt to the UK education system. Teacher candidates will have the chance to explore:

  • The UK teaching curriculum and school culture
  • Alternative teaching methodologies and assessment protocols
  • Effective differentiation in multicultural classrooms
  • Accommodations for students with Special Educational Needs
  • Pedagogical issues with experienced teachers
  • The use of technology in the classroom
  • Quality teaching that takes into account evidence of pupils’learning and progress
  • Outstanding lessons based on the UK teaching standards set out by OFSTED (the Government Office for Standards in Education)
  • Behaviour management through student engagement
  • “The skill of planning and implementation, communication and management in a supportive school environment” (Laurentian PPP Handbook, 2015)


The Cultural London Experience

In addition to teaching on The TimePlan International Student Teacher Programme, students will also get the opportunity to explore London and other cities around the UK.London has numerous iconic landmarks and visitor attractions.

In your free time you could visit the Tower of London, join an open top bus tour, wander around the many free museums or perhaps just relax after a day of teaching in one of the capital’s beautiful parks or gardens.

Outside of the capital there is an abundance of towns and cities that are rich in history. The only problem will be deciding where to visit. Will it be Stratford, Oxford, Cambridge or Brighton?

Next year, TimePlan will be working with a number of universities to help them take part in our TIST programme. If your university is interested in taking part, please contact our Canadian office on 1 877 463 1055 or email canada@timeplan.net.