About TimePlan

About TimePlan


How legitimate is TimePlan?

TimePlan, established in 1989 was the first teaching agency in the United Kingdom.

Over the past 26 years we have placed approximately 75,000 overseas teachers in 7,000+ UK schools.
Our Co-ordinators are teachers and are not commissioned, allowing them to provide your son/daughter with unbiased advice and assistance. We encourage you to check out our “Teacher Profiles” page to read and view what real teachers from all over the world have to say about us!

TimePlan firmly believes that every teacher should have an overseas experience and that every school should have an overseas teacher.

How will TimePlan support my son/daughter?

TimePlan is there to support teachers every step of the way. From the initial interview, to collecting documents, to helping with visas and police checks, right through to supporting teachers during their teaching assignments in the UK.

We understand it is a big decision to move to the UK, and we want the transition into teaching in a new country to be as smooth as possible. We have already helped over 75,000 teachers make the move and have always maintained a high standard of support. As all teachers’ situations are different, we tailor our support systems for the individual and whatever their needs might be.

Our Co-ordinators and Headteacher (Principal) Consultants make regular visits to schools to support teachers and TimePlan provides CPD (Continued Professional Development) courses. Teachers are also welcome to our resources such as the computers, photocopying and textbooks in TimePlan offices, or just pop in any time they feel like a catch up over a coffee. Besides the professional benefits of teaching overseas, TimePlan also want your sons and daughters to enjoy the social and cultural aspects of teaching in the UK. All our offices hold frequent socials where teachers can get to know each other.