Opportunities for Travel


TimePlan’s Out and About Factsheet is part of our overseas teachers induction pack. Click on the button at the bottom of the page to open the factsheet. It contains information about public transport, travelling to Europe, information about our travel partners and website links to a number of travel websites.

Transportation costs vary, depending on where they want to go!

Within London, public transportation is incredibly easy, convenient and will get you anywhere you need to go! The best thing to get is a Oyster Card, which may be loaded with credits as often and as much as needed and gives access to all tube lines (subways), over ground rail lines and buses.

Going to and from London from other areas in the UK is also extremely easy. There are many train lines, including high speed trains. To get from the very South to the middle of London takes less than an hour whereas London to Glasgow takes about five hours. Pre-booking rail travel in advance is much cheaper than paying on the day and season tickets for regular commuting also saves money. Coaches between cities may take a little longer but are by far the cheapest option.

A fantastic opportunity to travel around Europe

Most of our teachers love to travel and the rest of Europe is easily accessible from all UK airports. There are a number of budget airlines like Easyjet, Wizz Air and Ryan Air that offer amazingly cheap flights to all European destinations. A return trip from London to Glasgow costs around £50 while return flights to European destination like Paris and Rome costs around £80 to £90.

European rail passes are also cheap from approximately €40 for 1 country to €350 for 24 countries, and provide the freedom to travel when and where you like. Hostels are plentiful and extremely popular for a lot of our teachers who chose to go backpacking, travelling alone or with friends.

TimePlan also offer discounts with travel companies like Contiki and TopDeck. This allows your son or daughter to attend a fully organized trip with other young travellers from around the world. They have frequent, cost effective offers ranging from a weekend trip to multiple months travelling!

Travel insurance packages can be purchased through most banks, for as little as £30 for annual coverage. As a worker in the UK your son/daughter will also have the right to apply for a European Health Card which provides free health care within the European Union

Since our coordinators themselves have been teachers who have travelled, don’t hesitate to give them a call for some good travel advice!

And finally, flights to and from Canada can be booked through one of our relocation specialists, who have a dedicated Concierge Services to help you find the cheapest and most direct flights.

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