What is the Parent Hub?

What is the Parent Hub?

The Parent Hub is for mums and dads just like you.

Every year TimePlan recruits newly qualified teachers from all over the world. Many of them are just like your son or daughter. They are still training to be a teacher and are looking at the options that they have when they graduate. Many parents just want their children to be close to home.

Watch the Youtube video below. A TimePlan teacher’s mother describes her concerns, the experience her daughter had in the UK, the support her daughter received from TimePlan and gives advice to other parents.

So when you suddenly you get a call from your son or daughter, who excitedly tells you that they want to ‘Teach Overseas’ it fills you with dread!

But even if you wanted to, should you stop them from being able to travel the world and at the same time get the opportunity to teach?

For this reason TimePlan have set up the Parent Hub, providing you with everything you want to know about living and teaching in the UK, and answering many of the questions that you have spinning through your head, such as:

    Why do they want to go?
    What company should we trust?
    Who is going to help them relocate from overseas?
    Who is going to meet them when they arrive?
    Where will they live?
    How much will they get paid?
    Will they get ongoing support?
    What happens if they get sick?

Take a look through the Parent Hub pages which are full of facts, links, videos and testimonials which will hopefully put you more at ease.