Teaching Overseas

Teaching Overseas


The range of amazing teaching opportunities in the UK is enough to tempt any overseas trained teacher, especially when securing a teaching job at home is becoming increasingly difficult. Hundreds of teachers from across the globe head to the UK, one of the world’s most popular destinations to gain invaluable teaching experience. Not only that our overseas teachers also get to take in all the sights and sounds of the UK and the rest of Europe during the school holidays.

How does teaching in the UK benefit my son or daughter in the long run?

No matter where you are coming from, teaching in the UK allows your son or daughter to gain valuable, hands-on experience. Some countries face an oversaturation of teachers and gaining a full-time teaching position seems nearly impossible. By going to the UK, they can have their own classroom and be a full-time teacher right away! Upon return from the UK, they will come back as an educator who has developed their skills, broadened their subject knowledge and adapted by creating lessons and resources for specific curriculum standards.

Their newly acquired bank of resources, teaching strategies and behaviour management techniques will enhance their resume tenfold and allow them to have many speaking points in an interview!

Not only will teaching in the UK benefit them in their career, they will also have embarked on a new cultural experience. Teaching overseas not only gives them the opportunity to travel within the UK, but also Europe. Most of our teachers visit many other countries while living in the UK and come back with lifelong friends, amazing photos and a sense of wanderlust. The opportunities to engage with other cultures will also help them become a globally aware and culturally sensitive educator in any classroom setting. Teaching in the UK may not make your son/daughter rich, but it’s true what they say, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”