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TimePlan at Royal Ascot


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for coming with us to Ascot on Saturday. We hope you enjoyed yourself and made some new TimePlan friends. I am sorry if I didn’t get to speak with you on the day. Once we got into the course it was difficult locating the Timeplan groups amongst the crowd. However from what I saw on the bus ride home it looked like everyone had a great time.

We have put photos from the day up on social media and our website and will put more up throughout this week. We would love it if you shared these with your friends. Don’t forget to tag yourself if you see yourself in a photo. Click on the links below and make sure you are following us. We hope to have more exciting opportunities over the coming year and will be advertising these through our social media channels.

Thanks again for your attendance, especially to those who came from outside of London. It was really great to see teachers from all around the country making the effort to be part of the occasion.

We wish you well for the last few weeks of the school year. Have a great summer break and for those coming back to TimePlan in September look out for more exciting opportunities.