Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the Classroom

TimePlan Education understands the importance of technology in the classroom and we want to give you some inspiration when it comes to integrating some of these technologies into your lessons.
Technology in the Classroom

Take a look at some of the websites and resources that our teachers have told us about. They may help you to integrate more technology in your lessons:

Technology Ideas for Teachers

Playful Learning:Computer Games in Education by Microsoft Education
Free Technology for Teachers

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards are a powerful tool in the classroom adding variety, promoting group discussion and participation. It introduces a wide range of learning opportunities, a learning stimuli for a whole classroom.

Promethean Planet
SMART Education
TES Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Promethean Planet and ActivInspire IT white board training with TimePlan Education

White board training

TimePlan offers comprehensive interactive whiteboard technology training sessions, providing in depth information to help develop teachers proficiency and confidence in using whiteboards in the classroom. Promethean Planet is a unique teaching sharing social forum for teachers, where you can create lesson plans, gain resources and design creative professional interactive slide shows using ActiveIspire. Take a look at some of the great resources Promethean Planet provides:

Promethean Webinars
Promethean Professional Development
Promethean Resources
Download ActivIspire

Educational Ipad Apps

iPad’s in the classroom make it easier to personalise your learning resources. Teachers can alter the iPad with materials that fit their students level and learning styles. They also shift the learning from teacher-centred to child-centred, encouraging independent learning. There are a multitude of audio, visual and interactive apps which provide endless options for learning in the classroom.

Apple App Store
Best Education Apps
Touchable Earth App
iPads in the classroom

Digital Microscope
Digital microscopes are microscopes that capture and record images and videos on compatible computers. As a teacher you can record and broadcast live practical lessons that can be displayed to the rest of the class on a large screen, you can easily find ways to integrate subjects when using digital microscopes.

Forensic Science Lesson
Looking at specialised cells
Microscopes in the classroom

Google Earth

Google Earth is a free, downloadable application that works as a browser for all sorts of information on Earth. It uses satellite imagery where students can navigate and zoom down to any place on earth helping students visualise and understand the world around them. Google Earth has multiple functions including ‘street view’ where students can travel the world without leaving your classroom.

Google Earth can be used in many different subjects areas, here are a few ideas how Google Earth can be integrated into lessons:

Google Earth in the classroom
Journey from the Classroom
Bringing History Alive

Movie Maker

Movie Maker is a program that can effectively turn photos and videos into movies and slide shows for teaching. The movie-making process helps students understand, reinforce, and review new concepts covered in different areas of the curriculum whilst developing students writing skills and engaging their creative imaginations. Slide shows are an alternative way to deliver a lesson and Movie Maker is a good program to use to make a creative and engaging slide shows.

Guide to using Movie Maker
Make a presentation
Mitosis Movie Maker


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