UK Recruitment Events

Throughout the year Timeplan attends university education recruitment fairs up and down the country.

These fairs are a fantastic opportunity for newly qualified and soon to be qualified teachers to connect with Timeplan and talk ‘face-to-face’ with one of our recruitment consultants. Once we capture your contact details at a fair, we will get in touch to discuss with you how we can help you secure your first teaching position. Find out more about our NQT placements days where we invite soon to be teachers to meet Headteachers looking to recruit for their schools.

Recruitment events

Established in 1989, TimePlan was the UKs first teaching agency, since then we have helped thousands of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) find their first teaching position. Most of our co-ordinators are teachers themselves who understand schools and the demands of teaching and many of them had TimePlan to thank for securing them their very first position.