Medical Care in the UK

Medical Care in the UK

TimePlan’s Health Care Factsheet is part of our overseas teachers induction pack (you’ll find this at the bottom of the page) It contains information about the National Health Service, registering with a doctor and other issues to consider with medical care in the UK.

Provided you are paying National Insurance (deducted automatically from your wages), you will be entitled to free healthcare in the UK. Healthcare in the UK is provided by the National Health Service (NHS). You should register with an NHS doctor when you arrive.

Prescriptions can be filled at your local pharmacist and cost a dispensing fee of £8.40 per item.

NHS Direct Walk-In Centres throughout the UK offer fast and convenient access to healthcare advice and treatment for minor injuries and illnesses. No appointment is needed at these centres, although there are often queues. The Walk-In Centres are not meant to replace your local family doctor services and appointments should be made with your registered general practitioner where possible.

The NHS also provides dental services but not free of charge. Again, you will need to register with a dentist once you arrive in the UK.

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