Headteacher Testimonials

Teacher Assessment Reports
Every term for the past 19 years we have asked headteachers to complete an assessment report on their TimePlan teachers, scoring them as excellent, good, satisfactory or poor against a range of teaching and interpersonal skills.

Our results have been consistent year on year with the following results:

Teachers offered a Permanent Post


The proof of the pudding is in the eating so we also ask headteachers whether they would offer their TimePlan teacher a permanent post if one existed with the following results.


Headteacher Comments

Here are some typical comments from Heads about our teachers and our service:

“Kate has shown a dedication to the students that are rare in temporary staff. She has excelled herself in every aspect of her work.”
Curriculum leader, Isle of Wight

“Peter has been an excellent acquisition. He is conscientious, hard working, supports the science team well and is an excellent teacher.”
HOD, Dorset

“She has been a pleasure to have in school and we wish her every success in her future teaching career.”
Headteacher, Thamesmead

“An excellent teacher, one of the best I have ever worked with …”
Headteacher, Stranraer

“One of the best teachers I have ever had in school.”
Headteacher, Peebles

“An excellent team player and adaptable. Very confident and has good all round subject knowledge.”
Deputy Headteacher, Berkhamsted

“Carol is everything you said she would be and more. Brilliant!…”
Deputy Headteacher, Bushey, London

“We are delighted with the way in which Nancy is working in her new class. First rate service!”
Head Teacher, Birmingham

“Mr Ashraf is highly professional and very supportive of his colleagues. His GCSE Urdu results are excellent – always above other subjects.”
Headteacher, Birmingham

“We have immensely appreciated the personal contact and professional service provided. We have always been kept fully informed, documentation is taken care of, and all teachers have arrived on time and ready to start on the organised day.”
Headteacher, Great Yarmouth

“The standard of teachers provided is very high and we appreciate the efforts made to recruit them, oversee their documentation and arrange suitable accommodation for them.”
Headteacher, Great Yarmouth

“TimePlan’s commitment, responsible attitude and attention to detail is what makes the company outstanding.”
Headteacher, Newham

“I really appreciate that TimePlan takes the time to support teachers, especially when they are new to the UK.”
Headteacher, Newham

“TimePlan always listens to the needs of the school and make every attempt to provide a teacher who matches our needs. You offer a friendly and efficient service.”
Headteacher, Southampton