Bursars and Business Managers

School business managers or bursars are the senior financial and administrative managers in schools. Their function is to manage the school’s finances in an efficient and timely manner including budget management.

If you have experience in management, accounting or finance, and can lead a team of staff, a career as a school business manager or bursar could be perfect for you.


Role and Responsibilities

As a school business manager you will work closely with the headteacher/principal to make sure that the school’s budget and resources are used in the most efficient way.

With responsibility for financial management and accounting, you will:

  • advise the head teacher and governors on financial policy
  • forward budget plans – including preparation of annual forecasts and budgets
  • monitor all income and expenditure relating to internal budgets
  • manage the relationship and contracts with all external providers of goods and services.
  • manage staff personnel records and oversee work with the school’s personnel and payroll providers
  • prepare accounting reports, VAT returns and any other financial returns required
  • prepare financial reports for the headteacher, governors, local authority and government departments.

Other duties may include:

  • recruitment, training and management of school support staff
  • school building maintenance
  • responsibility for contracts and tenders for services such as cleaning, catering and IT support
  • ensuring that school security and health and safety policies are followed
  • management of the school’s administrative systems
  • marketing, PR and fundraising

Qualifications Required

You will need a strong background in finance, management or similar to become a school business manager (SBM). Schools welcome applications from candidates who hold a degree or professional qualification in accountancy, business management, public administration or human resources.

Holding a specific school business management qualification is also highly regarded by schools and includes:

  • Level 4 Diploma in School Business Management (formerly CSBM)
  • Level 5 Diploma in School Business Management (formerly DSBM)
  • Level 6 Diploma in School Business Management (formerly ADSBM)

Skills, Interests and Qualities

A good business manager or bursar will have:

  • experience in management, accounting or finance
  • competency in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • good knowledge of key IT systems such as SAP, Financial planning software and SIMS
  • understanding of health and safety requirements of a school
  • excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • the ability to identify priorities quickly and accurately and to ensure that deadlines are met
  • excellent planning and decision making skills
  • excellent organisation and time-management skills

Bursar and Business Manager Jobs

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