Exam Invigilators

An examination invigilator works under the direction of the examinations officer to ensure the smooth running of the examination environment.

School examinations are generally timetabled from January until June each year. Exam Invigilators ensure that all externally set examination regulations are fulfilled and examinations are conducted in line with the school’s examination policy. The length of exams and invigilator sessions vary and as such require invigilators to be available at the start of each session and for its duration.

Role and Responsibilities

As an exam invigilator your role and responsibilities will include:

  • ensuring a calm environment which will give students the best possible opportunity to be successful in their exams
  • helping to organise students at the start and end of each exam
  • helping to provide the correct information and material for successful completion of the exam
  • helping to ensure that the conduct of the exam takes place within the guidelines set down by the examination board and the school’s Examination Policy
  • being vigilant, whilst not disrupting the candidates
  • reporting in the event of any discrepancy or irregularity in the progress of an examination directly to the examination officer
  • at the end of examinations to help make sure that answer booklets have been completed correctly, and to help ensure that question numbers have been entered in the appropriate box on the front of the answer booklets
  • collecting exam scripts in order, by candidate number

Qualifications Required

Exam invigilators are not required to hold any recognised qualifications, but are required to have:

  • a good command of written and spoken English
  • sound oral and written communication skills
  • a thorough working knowledge of exam procedures which will be provided before your first session

Personal Qualities
An exam invigilator needs to be:

  • confident and able to communicate with staff and pupils
  • team players, with the ability to work on ones own initiative
  • able to carry out core duties without supervision
  • able to manage/direct large groups of young people
  • able to work in an organised and structured way
  • able to seek help where appropriate.

Exam invigilator jobs

TimePlan will advertise exam invigilator jobs at least a month before the key examination times. Our aim is to recruit a team of exam invigilators to cover exam sessions in numerous schools. You will be able to opt for sessions that fit in with your busy week and give you flexibility. You may want to monitor exams everyday, just mornings or afternoons or work just one day per week. Simply register your interest and one of our School Support Team will contact you directly to process you application further.