Overseas teachers

Every school should have an overseas teacher and every teacher should have an overseas experience.

Start your overseas teaching experience by applying to one of our teacher posts UK today.

teacher posts UK

Teacher Posts UK

TimePlan is a highly respected teaching agency that has been finding teaching positions for overseas qualified teachers for the past twenty six years. Over 70,000 overseas teachers have used our services to date.

We regularly travel overseas to hold interviews. All you have to do is complete our simple online registration form so that we can begin to process your application, arrange an interview and start to find that perfect teacher post in a British school. We offer a variety of teaching contracts to suit you. Whether you’re looking for long-term employment, or something more part time we are here to accommodate your needs.

Our International Recruitment Team includes qualified teachers who have made the transition to the UK themselves and therefore are in the perfect position to help you and answer all the questions you made have about a move to the UK for a teacher post! We also offer our “TouchDown Package“; a free programme designed to help make your relocation a little easier, including financial bonuses on arrival, accommodation support and advice when you need it!