TimePlan’s Recruitment Process

TimePlan’s Recruitment Process


What does TimePlan’s recruitment process look like from start to finish?

Step 1:

First, all teachers go through a process that we call “vetting”. We try to contact all our new applicants within 24 hours to talk about their qualifications, their right to work in the UK (visa options) and what type of teaching positions they would be interested in obtaining.

Step 2:

Once we know a little more about the individual teacher, we schedule an interview with one of our Co-ordinators. This interview is informative rather than competitive and is designed to help us help the candidate. This is the teacher’s opportunity to tell us about previous teaching experiences, school involvement, and their general interests. It is also an opportunity for the teacher to ask us, their qualified teacher coordinator, any questions in return! Based on the discussion, we will be better equipped to place your son/daughter in a position suited to their strengths and skills.

Interviews are normally held in person face to face, although for candidates in remote locations or where time is short, they may be done via Skype or telephone. Some interviews in Canada are also held with UK Headteachers (Principals) who TimePlan fly out to recruit for their own and neighbouring schools.

Step 3:

After the interview we write off for or verify references and we send the candidate all the information they need to prepare for teaching in the UK. This includes how to apply for the relevant visa, instructions on applying for a UK criminal record check (compulsory for all teachers working in UK schools) and any other documents required to teach in the UK.

Straight after the interview and depending on the geographical preferences expressed by your son/daughter, TimePlan’s area offices in the UK will begin to make contact to discuss teaching options. Whether they are looking for day to day supply (relief) teaching, short term or long term assignments, the offices will begin to connect your son or daughter with schools and vacancies that they would be suitable for.

Once TimePlan have a school/vacancy that they think would be an excellent fit, they arrange for a further Skype or telephone interview with the school. In the UK, this process can move quite quickly – so don’t be surprised if your son/daughter gets offered a teaching job there and then and has to decide whether to take it within 24 hours! This is very different to Canada, but is the norm in the UK.

Alternatively your son/daughter may opt for our Guaranteed Work Contract (please see details below).

Once your son/daughter has secured a contract with us (please see details below) we proceed to practical matters like setting up a bank account in the UK, sourcing accommodation (some of our offices offer shared housing, others have deals with landlords, letting agents and temporary hostels) and arranging registration with one of our payroll partners. Our partnership with Fresh Reservations means that TimePlan’s teachers are provided with relocation support, from booking International flights, airport taxis and a hotel room if required on arrival.

Teachers will also be invited to our social events, where they will have the opportunity to other teachers getting ready for their adventure. TimePlan also offer a ‘Preparation to Teach in the UK’ webinars.

Step 4:

Once your son/daughter arrives in the UK, they will meet TimePlan staff at the local office for what we call a “Meet and Greet.” Here, TimePlan will collect any outstanding documents and go through all the necessities to start working and earning including applying for a National Insurance Number. There will also be a formal Introduction to the UK education system and National Curriculum as well as briefs on healthcare, taxes and travel which can also be downloaded from our documentation and links on TimePlan’s website. Every teacher has a pass worded “portal” to log timesheets and amend their details and availability which they are shown how to use.

Step 5:

They are now ready to start teaching! A TimePlan Co-ordinator will be on hand for the first few weeks to monitor how things are going, provide support and iron out any initial teething problems if there are any. A Co-ordinator or Headteacher Consultant will personally visit your son/daughter in school to ensure that all is well. Throughout the year, TimePlan organizes CPD (Continued Professional Development) courses which are certified and are free to TimePlan Teachers. In addition your son or daughter will be invited to social events to meet other teachers, share common experiences and network. When your son/daughter has completed 10 days teaching TimePlan refunds the cost of their UK Police Check (worth £50).