The Perfect CV

The Perfect CV

The perfect CV

Are you coming to teach in the UK and need to turn some help in creating “the perfect CV”? Or perhaps you are in the UK and looking for a new teaching job. Whatever your situation; if you need to create the perfect CV then TimePlan are here to offer some assistance.

CVs or resumes often differ in their structure and layout from country to country. In the UK, our CVs tend to follow a particular professional template that you should follow if you’re applying from overseas. The three main factors you should keep in mind are:

1) No more than 2 pages long: Be informative but precise.

2) Be professional: Ensure you use formal language and in no circumstances should creative images or text be incorporated into the CV. You will be able to show off your creative flair at the interview stage.

3) Ensure you give a full history: Account for all periods of time, including the month and year. Even if you were unemployed, were travelling or had family commitments that meant you were unable to work, this should be listed in your CV chronologically.

We have provided three different versions depending on your need. Simply download and fill in your details. You can them print them out or save an electronic version.

Teaching CV Templates

Experienced Teacher

Newly Qualified Teacher

Support Staff

For more information on how to succeed at the interview stage of the application process visit our blog on “Top Tips for a Successful Interview