Teaching in the UK - Ormiston Academy Trust

We are working in partnership with the Ormiston Academies Trust to recruit teachers from Ireland for their schools across England.

This is an excellent opportunity for Irish teachers to begin an overseas teaching adventure. We offer a £2,000 relocation package, which includes two complimentary holidays in Europe as well as support and guidance at every stage of your journey.

"Ormiston Academies Trust is a not-for-profit sponsor of 39 primary and secondary academies. Our vision is for all young people to have access to the highest academic, social and practical skills required to achieve their full potential, whether going on to study at a leading university or entering the world of work. We are determined to become the Trust that makes the biggest difference, both inside and outside the classroom."


Need more info? Free webinar available

If you want more information or would like a chance to speak with one of our team, you can call us at anytime on +44 (0)208 371 8058.

Alternatively we will be hosting a free webinar that will cover everything you need to know about becoming a TimePlan teacher, taking part in this particular interview session and all the other opportunities available through TimePlan, including teaching in England Scotland and Wales as well as China and the UAE.

The webinar will be on  Wednesday, 8th May at 6pm.

To attend simply register by clicking here.

More Info?

Register for our free webinar on teaching with TimePlan

Interview Days - Meet the Head Teachers

We are also offering you a chance to meet and interview with the head teachers of the schools  in Person in Ireland or via Skype.

We will be holding interviews in Ireland on 17th May.

To arrange a meeting, simply register on our site today and our team will be in touch via telephone or email to talk you through the whole process.

If you want any more information or would like to book an interview with the heads then please get in contact.

Telephone: +44 (0)208 371 8058 or Email: ireland@timeplan.net 

What we offer

We offer support and enrichment at every stage of your journey.

How to apply

Applying couldn't be simpler, just register on our website and our team will be in touch.

The Enrichment Charter

The trust is very keen to not only educate but to enrich the lives of it's students. To achieve this it has an "Enrichment Charter" the aim of which is to inspire young people to develop their skills, talents and character through a wide range of activities, to use their curiosity and creativity to find new ways of achieving their potential and to have the confidence, drive and resilience to follow their dreams.

The charter aims to give every student the opportunity to:

  1. Experience the arts and culture through activities
  2. Experience live sporting events through
  3. Visit British places/regions outside their local community through
  4. Experience cultures and countries outside the UK
  5. Be a good neighbour in their local community through activities such as
  6. Gain valuable experience of work through activities such as
  7. Develop their character through activities aimed at
  8. Make a positive contribution to society through:
  9. Develop lifelong interests and skills for life
  10. Learn outside the classroom through activities

The Trust's Aims

OAT and its academies work as a network:

  • To offer outstanding leadership, teaching and learning.
  • To support young people to reach their academic potential.
  • To offer a broad, balanced and rich curriculum.
  • To develop new approaches to teaching and learning that reflect local circumstances.
  • To nurture a lasting passion and curiosity for learning.
  • To help develop rounded, caring and socially responsible young people.
  • To foster young people’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • To encourage community and family engagement that enhances learning outcomes.
  • To encourage innovation and the sharing and development of professional practice.


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Need more info?

If you want any more information or would like to book an interview with the heads whilst they are in Ireland then please get in contact.

Telephone: +44 (0)208 371 8058 or Email: ireland@timeplan.net