Teaching in the UK is a thrilling experience for Canadian teachers

Whether you choose to relocate to a vibrant city such as London, Manchester or Aberdeen City, or opt for a quieter lifestyle in a quaint town or village such as Stratford-upon-Avon, Moray or Henley-on-Thames, teaching in the UK is a life changing experience for Canadian teachers.

Not only does a move here mean Canadians with a wanderlust can explore this incredible country and its European neighbours at the weekends and during the school holidays, it’s often hugely beneficial professionally. The high number of teaching and supply staff vacancies in the UK mean newly qualified teachers are likely to walk straight into their own classroom and more established educators get to take on new challenges and responsibility. Either way, you’ll return to Canada with a head full of memories and an enhanced resume. And if you’re not quite ready to head home yet, your UK teaching job will open doors for you at British International Schools all over the world.

TimePlan Education is here to make your UK adventure a stress-free reality. Not only will our supportive and experienced team help you gather the correct documentation, find you a vacancy that fits your career goals, assist with training and interview preparation and provide you with a generous relocation package, you’ll become part of our extended family, enjoying friendly emotional support and a full calendar of social events from the minute you arrive.

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Why register with TimePlan Education?

We have hundreds of vacancies in UK schools at any one time and we pride ourselves on being able to match your talents and ambitions with a school that will recognise them. But finding you a satisfying new teaching job is not all TimePlan Education offers. We can help with all aspects of your relocation from visa and work permits, to finding you accommodation and setting you up with a doctor and a British bank. We also know how important travel is to you, so we arrange trips in the UK and Europe with other TimePlan teachers, so you’ll return home with incredible memories and lifelong friends.

£2,000 Relocation Package

TimePlan Education’s generous relocation plan is designed to help our Canadian teachers get the most out of their UK teaching experience. Adding up to over £2,000 of benefits over two years, you’ll receive both cash payments to use however you choose and travel vouchers to spend exploring the UK and Europe.

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Visas for Canadian teachers in the UK

The majority of Canadian teachers coming to the UK have a tier 5 youth mobility visa. These are only available to teachers under the age of but will allow you to live and work in the UK for up to 2 years.

Otherwise you need to have a British or EU passport, British ancestry or be eligible for a tier 2 sponsor visa. Tier 2 visas are only available for what are known as shortage occupation subjects which at the moment are: maths, science with physics, mandarin and computer science.

If you are unsure, our government's website has a great tool for checking which if any visa you will need. You can find that here.

These visa restrictions only apply if you want to teach within the UK.

If you're not eligible for one of these visas, TimePlan Education may still be able to assist you finding work in other parts of the world, such as the U.A.E. or China.


Check out our FAQ

Your qualifications and career progression

What Qualification will Canadian teachers need in the UK?

For Canadians to teach in the UK they will need to have provincial registration/certification with a teaching degree, such as a Bachelor or Master of Education.

What is QTS?

QTS, Qualified Teacher Status, is an accreditation given to qualified teachers in the UK, many schools see it as a gold standard for teachers.

Do I need QTS?

Qualified Canadian teachers can teach in the UK without QTS for up to 4 years, as long as they have provincial registration. We do however recommend you get it as it is quite a simple process for Canadian qualified teachers. Teachers are also paid to scale if they hold QTS.

How do I get QTS?

For qualified Canadian teachers all you have to do is apply for it. As long as you have provincial registration it is automatically awarded. The only exception is Alberta, where you will need your professional certificate, but you will only need it if you plan on teaching in the UK for more than 4 years.